On Point, Reliable, Transparent and Easy.

We do this for you! Are you looking for a reliable service provider for mail marketing, new customer acquisition, informational materials, or even invoices and reminders? Do you place a high value on quality at a low price? Then Maillog is the perfect match!

Save precious time and high staff costs on in-house mail campaigns: just send us your data – for example as a PDF file or Word form letter with the recipients' addresses in Excel format – and your mail is on its way.

Full Service in the Lettershop:

We print your letters (personalized or other) using digital or offset printing and also offer both double-sided and color printing.

Printing on Your Own Stationary? No Problem!

Send us your stationary or have us offset print your letterhead. Do you send invoices, reminders, notices, or appeals for donations? We recommend printing personalized payment slips (bank transfer forms).

We Print According to Your Specifications:

  • Letters

    • Personalized or generic
    • Color and black & white
    • Upon request, on your stationary

  • Inserts

    • Flyers
    • Brochures
    • Return envelopes

  • Payment Slips

    • Bank details
    • Amounts due
    • Lower third perforated

  • Envelopes

    • Your logo
    • Brand motif
    • Instructions/mandates

In our experience, a complicated concept is not necessarily the most efficient or the most memorable one with the highest response rate. Great, attractive results can often be achieved with a cheaper, simpler, machine-compatible alternative. Maillog recognizes the opportunities, the corresponding costs and the variations that could be implemented. We know that small changes often have a big effect and help save money.

Sometimes even for us working manually is unavoidable. You can thus save time and money with individualized mailings in particular.

Our Services:

  • Envelopes stuffed by hand or machine
  • Foiling in foil pockets can be fully automatic, semi-automatic, or even done by hand
  • Cardboard envelopes, book packaging
  • Special packaging

Depending on your specifications, we include inserts such as forms, flyers, brochures, return envelopes, business cards, posters, and much more in your mailings.

You decide whether you would like to send us your inserts, haven them sent to us directly from your printer, or to have us print them using either digital or offset printing. When possible, we use machines to process your inserts. Of course, we are also happy to manually process them in the event of special formats and requests.

It’s part of the business: address checks ensure your customer data are quickly and easily updated. This means you have fewer undeliverable shipments and less loss.

Have addresses been entered twice, or are there spelling discrepancies? We filter out double entries and clean up your address database. Addressees will no longer receive two letters. The logical consequence: acceptance and response rates increase while postage and advertising material costs simultaneously decrease, and all the addresses you have are correct.

Your Benefits:

  • Quick and easy processing
  • No duplicates
  • Old addresses updated
  • Fewer returns

We prepare your letters and mail campaigns in accordance with postal service provider guidelines so that you can enjoy partial-delivery discounts and rebates.

We deliver at the rates that are most cost-effective for you. If you give us access to your address file, you get a precise offer prior to your mailing campaign. All your file needs to have is a column for postal codes and, if applicable, for countries.

Choose from the Following Options:


Economy is the most cost-effective shipping option for items that are not time-sensitive.


Priority mailings are given priority in the destination country. The average time within Europe is 2-4 days, in other countries 3-7 days.

As a professional handler of order data, we guarantee the protection of your data in accordance with all data protection regulations, in particular with the Austrian Data Protection Act.

Handling addresses is a matter of trust. Thus, it is our duty to guarantee the greatest possible protection for your personal data. We provide you with this level of protection with optimal data protection and security measures.

  • Thomas Klepits

    „We have been working successfully with Maillog for years. Service, quality and price are perfect in every dimension."

    Thomas Klepits

    ideas4you Werbeagentur Wien

  • Miriam Hochwarter

    „Warehousing and the whole shipping process run perfectly. The optimal fulfillment solution for us and our shop"

    Miriam Hochwarter

    NGO Food & Beverages

  • Mag. Johannes Gebauser

    „In addition to the daily mail, Maillog runs our parcel shipment recently. We are very pleased."

    Mag. Johannes Gebauser

    Art Tech

  • Mag. Dorothea Roth

    „After searching for a long time, we have found the ideal solution for mailings and fulfillment - Maillog."

    Mag. Dorothea Roth

    Singa Systems

  • Helga Schuh

    „For our seminar mailings, Maillog does everything from production to on-time delivery. Quality and service are state of the art!“

    Helga Schuh

    Hammer und Partner Wien

  • Dr. Peter Trempler

    „If it's really important, has to go fast and should be cheap, then via Maillog."

    Dr. Peter Trempler

    GBT Management Wien

Service Benefits:

  • One-stop shop from production to mailing
  • Personal consultation
  • A contact partner for all your needs
  • Small and large quantities
  • Years of experience and competence
  • International postal partner

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