Optimize Outgoing Mail with Maillog

This service is only for austrian customers.

Whether you pick up the mail every day from your mailbox, or queue at the post office in the evenings, because you want to send a registered mail - you or a co-worker will always lose valuable time. Keeping the necessary vehicle is becoming increasingly expensive - and what if your employee, who is responsible for the posting, is sick or on vacation?

Benefit from attractive conditions and many services, such as the pickup at your desired date or the "eco-letter" national without minimum quantity.

Daily, Quick, and Cost-Effective.

Maillog takes over the daily shipment of your mail, parcels and courier consignments so that your catalogs, order confirmations and letters arrive cost-effectively and as soon as possible at your customers and prospective customers.

We collect your mail from you daily, sort and record your shipments according to your wishes and of course ensure the timely posting. Although you save yourself some money, this service is characterized by highest runtime demands and quality requirements.

Our Service for Your Daily Mail:

We do this for you daily, for every piece of mail - we do it well and gladly - this is our business:

  • Daily Pick-up
  • Sort according to your criteria
  • Registering and documenting quantities
  • Separating shipment formats
  • Checking machine capability
  • Sorting out international, express, and registered mailings as well as the sending of books and goods
  • Franking
  • Guaranteeing minimum amounts


New - You can use the "Eco-Brief" Austrian-wide from the very first letter. 



  • Thomas Klepits

    „We have been working successfully with Maillog for years. Service, quality and price are perfect in every dimension."

    Thomas Klepits

    ideas4you Werbeagentur Wien

  • Miriam Hochwarter

    „Warehousing and the whole shipping process run perfectly. The optimal fulfillment solution for us and our shop"

    Miriam Hochwarter

    NGO Food & Beverages

  • Mag. Johannes Gebauser

    „In addition to the daily mail, Maillog runs our parcel shipment recently. We are very pleased."

    Mag. Johannes Gebauser

    Art Tech

  • Mag. Dorothea Roth

    „After searching for a long time, we have found the ideal solution for mailings and fulfillment - Maillog."

    Mag. Dorothea Roth

    Singa Systems

  • Helga Schuh

    „For our seminar mailings, Maillog does everything from production to on-time delivery. Quality and service are state of the art!“

    Helga Schuh

    Hammer und Partner Wien

  • Dr. Peter Trempler

    „If it's really important, has to go fast and should be cheap, then via Maillog."

    Dr. Peter Trempler

    GBT Management Wien

Benefits of Daily Mail:

  • Daily pickup of your mail
  • Desired dates/times also possible
  • International postal partner
  • Quick and cost-effective
  • Domestic/international shipping
  • All shipping types

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