Properly Stored, without Fail.

Your goods are delivered to our large central warehouse in south Vienna. You give us the order for delivery or have us organize resupply.

We provide the right shipment and packaging materials needed to package your items and advertising materials. We transfer shipments that are ready to be sent to various shipping providers multiple times each day—which also allows us to meet urgent order deadlines. We are happy to provide you with information about shipping costs and find the most cost-effective rate for your shipments. We assume responsibility for your goods and store them in a warehouse with video surveillance until they are needed.

Depending on Your Industry and Space Requirements, We Offer:

  • Pallets, shelves/racks
  • Management of goods received
  • Quality management
  • Packaging and picking
  • Batch handling and serial number management

Interface to Online Shop and Maximum Transparency

The advantage of Maillog's Storage logistics support is that the fulfillment services electronically registers all data pertaining to storage logistics and grants you access to the operator of the online shop via an interface that is compatible with the online shop system.

Thus, the operator of an online shop can take a look at the logistical processes at any time using the system. The electronic interface for external fulfillment allows the customer of an online shop to track ordered goods and packages from shipment to delivery with a tracking number. You too can profit from the wide array of Maillog fulfillment services and save time and money as a shop operator.

  • Thomas Klepits

    „We have been working successfully with Maillog for years. Service, quality and price are perfect in every dimension."

    Thomas Klepits

    ideas4you Werbeagentur Wien

  • Miriam Hochwarter

    „Warehousing and the whole shipping process run perfectly. The optimal fulfillment solution for us and our shop"

    Miriam Hochwarter

    NGO Food & Beverages

  • Mag. Johannes Gebauser

    „In addition to the daily mail, Maillog runs our parcel shipment recently. We are very pleased."

    Mag. Johannes Gebauser

    Art Tech

  • Mag. Dorothea Roth

    „After searching for a long time, we have found the ideal solution for mailings and fulfillment - Maillog."

    Mag. Dorothea Roth

    Singa Systems

  • Helga Schuh

    „For our seminar mailings, Maillog does everything from production to on-time delivery. Quality and service are state of the art!“

    Helga Schuh

    Hammer und Partner Wien

  • Dr. Peter Trempler

    „If it's really important, has to go fast and should be cheap, then via Maillog."

    Dr. Peter Trempler

    GBT Management Wien

Stored and Warehoused Perfectly

  • Our own independent logistics center
  • Maximum security and monitoring
  • Flexible receipt of goods
  • Quality check
  • Flexible storage variations
  • State-of-the-art standards
  • Personal consultation
  • Precise reporting

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