Send worldwide up to 40% cheaper.

The ability to send mail and packages abroad at cheaper rates isn’t just possible because of the liberalization of postal markets. Thanks to its many years of know-how and its international network with a wide variety of postal organizations, Maillog ensures that your shipping costs remain as low as possible. We look for the optimum shipping option with the best prices and the shortest delivery times.

Depending on the product line, your cost benefits may be up to 40% compared to market standards. And any volume is possible: from a small mailing to a large print-run. What’s more, with us you can also make use of international replies, thereby achieving measurably high response rates. Depending on the product line, your cost benefits may be up to 40% compared to market standards. Undeliverable items are returned to you, which allows you to keep your customer data up to date.

And off your parcel goes internationally:

Quick and reliable delivery of your time-sensitive mail sent abroad.

Priority is ideal for all types of business correspondence, including letters, invoices, account statements, contracts, reports, etc. Of course, it is also ideal for urgent direct mailing campaigns and other time-sensitive mailings up to a unit weight of 2kg. You can find the industry’s customary average delivery times within the EU in our list of countries. This allows you to precisely plan when your mail will arrive.

Economy is the most cost-effective shipping option for items that are not time-sensitive. No special label is required.

The Economy service consists of transporting letters by truck or through a combination of air and land transportation (SAL) without priority treatment. But don’t worry! If mailings aren’t urgent, you shouldn’t pay more. Efficiency with regard to the cost-benefit ratio is always very important to us: standard services shouldn’t be a luxury!

Direct entry into our customers' relevant main markets.

We hand over your mailing directly to national mail distributors in the corresponding country. Costs and transport are minimized.

Another advantage of direct entry mail is the national franking in the country in question. It gives your mailing a national touch, which in many cases results in an increased response rate. Every country has its own sorting criteria and special requirements for the cheapest method of sending mail. This option makes sense starting at 500 - 1000 items!

Who doesn’t think of the post office when it comes time to send letters? Nowadays, there are many alternative post delivery companies.

In recent years great private postal service providers have become very well established in several European countries. Particularly in Germany the private network has been widely developed and appeals first and foremost in terms of price. As with Direct Entry Mail, a certain number of units are required. However, the number varies significantly from country to country, as do grammage requirements. The experts at Maillog are happy to work with you to calculate a price for your mailing.

  • Thomas Klepits

    „Wir arbeiten seit Jahren erfolgreich mit Maillog. Service, Qualität und Preis passen perfekt. Und das in jeder Größenordnung.“

    Thomas Klepits

    ideas4you Werbeagentur Wien

  • Miriam Hochwarter

    „Lagerhaltung und der komplette Versand funktionieren perfekt. Für uns und unseren Shop die optimale Fulfillment-Lösung.“

    Miriam Hochwarter

    NGO Food & Beverages

  • Mag. Johannes Gebauser

    „Neben der Tagespost erledigt Maillog seit kurzem auch unseren Paketversand. Wir sind sehr zufrieden.“

    Mag. Johannes Gebauser

    Art Tech

  • Mag. Dorothea Roth

    „Nach langer Suche haben wir mit Maillog die ideale Lösung für Mailings und Fulfillment gefunden.“

    Mag. Dorothea Roth

    Singa Systems

  • Helga Schuh

    „Für unsere Seminar-Mailings erledigt Maillog von der Produktion bis zum termingenauen Versand einfach alles. Qualität und Service sind state of the art!“

    Helga Schuh

    Hammer und Partner Wien

  • Dr. Peter Trempler

    „Wenn’s wirklich wichtig ist, schnell gehen muss und günstig sein soll, dann mit Maillog.“

    Dr. Peter Trempler

    GBT Management Wien

Benefits of shipping:

  • Send quickly and cheaper
  • Savings of up to 40%
  • Shipping via Österr. Post AG
  • Small and large quantities
  • Express service
  • Worldwide parcel shipment
  • Processing of returns

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